In the first week of class we were asked to create a short film narrating a story. The first project then prompted us to create a webpage around the content of the film. This project introduced us to html, css, and javascript, launching our trip through CommLab. My first project shows the story of a freshman lost on campus in her fisrt day of classes.
Four our second project and our first official group collaboration we were instructed to create a comic of at least six panels that contained some interaction. Aleksandra and I created created a detective comic that solves a murder mystery. Here we were exposed to the Adobe Suite for the first time.
For our third project, Nav and I had to create a soundpiece that once again, told a story and lived on the web. We decided to make a soundpiece "Four". The idea behind was to get a listener on a mysterious emotional journey that would terrify and engage him in events if one night when a man comes home after a tiring working day and notices weird sounds coming from nowhere. We were introduced to sound software such as Audacity and Logic Pro.
In our fourth project we were asked to create a video that lived on a web, and out of three story lines, we chose to create a How-To-Video. With Gabi and Atoka we decided to create a comical mockumentary that illustrates how to prepar party at NYUAD and most importantly "How To Not Get Your Party BUSTED". For this project, we worked with DSLR cameras and Adobe Premiere and Aftereffects.
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